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Blackie and Porka

Nice pictures Sawbill...if you get a chance to do it..check out the 1st few pictures on my post "trail cam pictures" and tell what that bear might weigh...just curious on what you think. Our guide has a hunter coming in 9/26/06 and he might hunt this bait (hope not....do to the fact I want to hunt it again next year and maybe this bear will be close by)

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Blackie and Porka

Non-typ, I took-a-look at your cam pics again ( I looked at them earlier BTW). First off my monitor, 15", isn't the best in the world but it's likely the worst one and I've always had trouble with clarity on photos. As such I was only able to get what I thought was a good read on only one of the bears. It was the 4th photo down, taken at 10:01 PM . My very first impression was that its an average animal, maybe 160 - 180 at best, and I'm going by the slender rear leg and small foot. The front leg also strikes me as kinda slim and doesn't show the bow-legged or toed-in walk you often see on larger animals. Again, my screen is kinda crappy for judging weight, so don't take my word on it. The good news of course is that it'll be larger next year, no matter what it weighs now.

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