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if u look at my posts subject line then you would see i was not accusing him......!
i was just saying i was pretty sure that there was no tag and i was kinda asking for clarification if there was a possibility of 2 tags.
that is good info thanks for letting me know its possible to get two tags
and read my subject line next time before going off..

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to follow this up - even in Oregon there are a few chances to get two buck tags

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Two tags are NOT difficult to get in Cal. Zone A

To get two tags, just apply before the drawing deadline (For 2009, the deadline was June 2, 2009 and results were generated on June 24, 2009) and put in the application for the two tags. That's it...there is no magic around it. It is only two weeks into the California Zone A season, and I already got my quota, a nice 90 lb 3-pointer, and a 75 lb 2 pointer. Coastal black tail are smaller deer, and not so easy to hunt where I live in the Santa Cruz Mountains (near Santa Cruz, California) where the temperatures are high, the terrain is very steep, rugged and nearly impenetrable, and almost all land is private (with exception of BLM and Ft. Hunter Ligget to name a few). Local Meat Processors are Los Gatos Meat. Co (Los Gatos, CA, and Dittmers Meats in Mt. View California). I use a 30/06 with a 3x9 X40 Leupold VXIII shooting a Winchester 180 gr usually going for the neck shots. The 180 gr. is a bit large, but leaves a large margin of error for quick neck shots and spoils less meat. The key to succes is to be in excellent physical shape, plenty of water, access to private lands, and finding small Mountain meadows where deer feed in early morning or near dusk. A combination stalking and natural "blind" hunting near meadows has shown me good results. I make a "gili-suit" out of local grasses and twigs and can usually get to within 75 yds of the meadows before the deer spook. I don't take running shots since the meadows are surrounded by thick forests and I can' t be sure of the backstop when the deer is running. So, I wait behind my "natural" blind cooking inside in my gili suit until I am "200%" sure that my bullet will find its mark. ....or that there is a natural "backstop" to my shot. So, far all my kills have been one-shot kills in 20 yrs of hunting the mountains. -not that I get a deer every season...but often enough to make the extra precaution worth the effort. Also, to be perfectly honest, since Zone A deer hunting is starts in the summer, it can get get extremely hot; and the deer may be heavilty infested with Fly Larvae, Eye Worms, Nematodes and other nasties...so don't be surprised to see Huge Bot Fly larvae crawling out of the deer as you gut it/skin it if you hunt early in the season. All food is edible if properly cooked, but it can be a bit off-putting if you have never seen this before. I ALWAYS wear latex surgical gloves and carry extra knives in case I burst open a sac of the BotFly larvae while cleaning the Black Tail deer...there can be as many as 30-40 huge (1.5 - 2.5") larvae squirming and crawling out of the deer flesh that it almost appears as a science fiction scene!! I usually just cut out about 3 " around the BotFly sac and have never had a problem.

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