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Thats just awesome! I don't like to sound like a jealous man but I sure the hell am!

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And now the rest of the story...

It took me 17 years to draw that bull moose tag for CO. My goal was to take at least a 36" bull, which is decent size for a Shiras Moose. After several scouting trips I saw 2 that I decided I would take if I could get them in my sights. Ironically, my hunting partner and I wanted to put in for mzldr cow elk tags, so I decided to put in for my moose tag also as a mzldr since they would both overlap(previously I had been putting in for a rifle tag). I was totally shocked when I found out that I drew the moose tag, but was a wait that was finally over. On opening day we worked the area where I had previously seen the shooter bulls, but couldn't find them. Finally as it got late in the afternoon we decided to drive along the drainage. We saw 2 cows, and then a small bull, and about 7:00 we talked to some guys in another vehicle who had just seen 4 bulls in a meadow just down the road. We got down there and saw the 4 bulls about a quarter mile off the road in an open meadow. The one looked decent, so we walked up the treeline to get a closer look. We got within 200 yards and the other 2 smaller bulls were sparring, so they didn't even notice us up until that point. We were losing daylight so I had to make a decision. I judged him to be about 36", which was my goal, so I decided to try to take him if I could get within 100 yards. However, the only way to get within range was to walk out in the open, so we went for it. The bull started getting nervous and turned to leave so we grunted and he stopped. We kept walking closer and again he started to move and we grunted again to stop him. Finally I pulled out the rangefinder and had him at 105 yards, and figured I had to take the shot now. I set up with my shooting sticks, and took the shot. He dropped like a ton of bricks (the shot was high behind the shoulder and hit ribs on both sides just under the backbone). He tried to get up so I reloaded and shot again, but couldn't tell if I hit him or not. He kept trying to get up but I could tell he was paralyzed in the rear end, so we walked up closer and I shot him through the chest at about 20 feet to finish him off. It took us about 2 hours to skin and quarter him in the dark, and we came back the next morning to pack it out. I figured it weighed about 800 pounds live weight, but that is just a guess. In the end I don't thik he was one of the bulls I spotted on my scouting trips, but I taped his spread to be 37", so he is still good enough for me. We ran the meat and head into town on Sunday and got back to camp by dark. On Monday morning we went to a meadow where I took my cow elk last year and sat there until about 8:30. We got up to walk up the meadow to the top of the hill and all of a sudden a cow elk came running out into the meadow right above us. My partner was behind me so I was the only one who had a shot. The cow saw us and stopped broadside at 50 yards and that was all it took for me to hit her in shoulder and drop her in her tracks. And once more we were skinning, quartering, packing, and driving back to town to drop of meat. We spent the next 3 days trying to fill my partners tag, but didn't see another elk until yesterday morning, so he decided to give up and come home. Between the moose and the elk I figure to get at least 350 pounds of boneless meat in the freezer (that means I need to eat about a pound a day to get it all finished off before next hunting season.. uff dah).

P.S. - I was shooting a 50 cal TC Hawken that I put together as a kit over 30 years ago when I was in high school, using 100 gr triple 7 with a 460 gr No Excuses slug.

Moose Ground 1 - crop.JPG
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Wow!!! Great Hunt and story

Wow!!! Great Hunt and story and pic! Very Envious here - maybe someday. I have a 54 cal TC Hawken that I put together about 25 years ago and still waiting to use it for an animal as great as yours! Congrats!!!

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Great story.  Thanks for

Great story.  Thanks for sharing it with all of us.  It will be many more years (more than a decade most likely) before I will pull a tag for moose.  It's great to read about others success while I patiently wait.

And for my family, we eat about 300 (or so) pounds of game meat a year.  I call us a 2 elk family, because that's about how much we eat every year.  

Thanks again for a great story.

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Great story and pic's!!! Someday I hope I get the chance with the smokepole!! I have put in for Moose well before preference points when it was luck of the draw. Now I have Max points and my chances are 1.2%!!!!! UUGHHHHH!!!  Thanks for sharing!!!

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