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Black powder 2012 my venture into the unknown

 want to say thanks to everybody that has givin their word to me on hunting in colorado. 

We saw sign of deer on every outing.

Our first day of the hunt, ten minutes into our journey we scared a nice buck out of the hills and deep into the forrest not to be scene again. Our second day of the hunt we saw 4 nice does making their way threw a meadow.

Our first day we got on the mountain at 8 and our second day we hunted dusk,  4- sundown.

Our third day we arrived an hour before sunrise to the trailhead. Saw two bear cubs scurry across the road about two miles from the trailhead.

At first light we were on the trail, powder dry and ready, power belt ready to harvest and primer set. We set off into the forrest, ready at all times. We weren's the first one the trail, one hundred yards or so ahead of us we spotted an archery hunter sporting a long bow. The good word was that a good buck had been harvest first day/first light of opening day muzzleloader from this same area of the unit. However there were still some bucks left for the harvest. 

1/2 mile from the car, a quick spot and stalk, my first experience big game hunting

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This deer was taken with a

This deer was taken with a leftover tag on public land.

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Great first experience, way to go!

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That is good eatin right

That is good eatin right there!! 

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Nice work!

Good buck on your first hunt!  I can't wait until 3rd season there.

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Congrats on your deer. Good

Congrats on your deer. Good job  Thumbs up

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Way to go!

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Congrats, that is what it is

Congrats, that is what it is all about Thumbs up

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Congratualtions on your first

Congratualtions on your first big game animal. And getting it with a muzzle loader makes it even better. 

I know you asked several questions over the summer and looks like you did a pretty good job putting it all together and making it happen. What else did you get tags for? I know you were looking at Wyoming for antelope as well.

If you didn't get Wyoming this year start making a plan for next year now so your a little more prepared. You can have up to 4 doe tags if the leftovers are available where you want to hunt. I go every year and it's a great time.

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This was the first hunting

This was the first hunting tag i ever purchased and the first one filled as well.


I have a cow tag for unit 18 second rifle and my cousin, who came with me while hunting this deer, he will have a otc bull tag 2nd season. Is anybody else hunting this unit, all opinions/advice are welcome.


I should have put in for a goat point this year but next year i will start getting points for antelope. I dont have the time to hunt goats this year most likely, but in the future i really aim to chase the speed goats. I live in Boulder if you have any recomendations.

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I apply in Colorado for

I apply in Colorado for antelope but it takes years to build the points needed. I've lived here most of my life and only hunted 3 times. Even a doe takes a point in most public land areas. At least on the western side where I live. 

Wyoming on the other hand is easy to get tags. In addition to the 4 doe tags you can have 2 buck tags. You can apply for 1 buck and 2 does and then buy the same as leftovers if there are any.

You can still buy a point in Wyoming till the end of the month for $30. The units with more public lands usually require a few points. Doe tags are easy to get in most units though. 

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