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Black Hills Rifle Elk H3

I was lucky enough to draw my Black Hills rifle elk tag, unit H3.  Any advice?  I've archery hunted elk in the rut before, but never with a rifle.

Season is Oct 1-30th.



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I haven't hunted that area

I haven't hunted that area and asking about a specific area and what the elk are doing at that time I doubt that you will get many replies but.  I would believe that they are like they are in any other areas.  If there is a lot of human activity such as deer hunts going on then they may move to a area that is harder to get to.  But some things stays constant they need feed, water, and cover.  It is quite possible that the area that you bow hunt may work in October.  You may also see bulls in groups again since the rut is over except for some cows that will come into heat the second or third time to get bred. 

If it was me I would find a high location that I could glass a lot of area to find them and then plan accordinly.

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