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Black cougars in NC.

Hey guys, I know that there arent supposed to be cougars or anything like that in the Southeast, but Just about 3 1/2 hours ago, Me and my brother and a freind were walking down to a small feild with a tiny patch of woods to the right of us, All of a sudden My dog charlie goes crazy and darts into the woods. I ran down the road until I came to the opening of the woods, and my dog was running through thick under brush, a few seckonds later a very large black cat leaped out of the bushes! I was amazed at how big it still looked from about 100 yards away! It looked to be about 6 to 6.5 FT. long plus the long tail, Thats how I knew it was not a bobcat, The dirt road is 8.5 feet wide, the cat coverd most of it. It Turned broad side and looked back up the hill at us, and then leaped into the woods. It was crazy, there were tracks in the mud were it landed, they measured to be 5 1/4 inches long! Not a house cat. Well after a few minutes of us looking for it, we started back up the dirt road, when I heard a very loud scream and a roar at the same time! It sounded like a growl and women screaming all at once. Then my dog charlie who was still sniffing around, come running out the woods! He bolted past me and whent straight to my house. Thats when we started running to the house! The whole thing sort of scared me, because the woods we seen it in are only about 250 yards away from my house. Sorry the story is so long, Have you guys seen any black cougars? Thanks, NC.HUNTER.

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Black cougars in NC

don't know nuthin about NC, but my brother in law (age = 35) flushed an adult cougar out of the brush in East Texas about 3 years ago. He was walking thru 400 ac of mixed woods and pasture (location: 10 miles north of Palestine, TX), about 10:00am on a sunny day in April, 2005, when what he described as "a black panther" jumped out of some bushes, and ran within about 10 yards of him as it made its getaway. He saw it clearly, and was certain of what he saw. He guessed its weight at maybe 150 lbs, length at 5 feet...hard to say, given that he'd left his tape measure at home!

Some of the neighbors later told of losing a full grown cow that same spring to some critter that slit its throat, so that it bled to death. The cow was evidently trying to protect its newborn calf, but bled to death thru four parallel slits cut across it's throat.

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