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Black bear track?

Hey guys this pic was taken down the road about a 1/4 of a mile below my house.
Near the edge of about 700 acres of heavily forested hills. Every year about this time i find odd footprints in that same area? You guys tell me if you think that this is a black bear foot print. It had not been raining when I took the pic. Thanks.ps. I live in forsyth county, north carolina. I am in the foot hills of the blue ridge mountains but according to the wildlife bios my area is out of the black bear range.

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Black bear track?

hard to tell with the picture, if not a bear maybe a cougar?

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Black bear track?

If you're using a digital camera, set it to macro (usually a flower as a symbol) for close shots. Place a quarter or lighter down next to it for comparison in size, and if you angle the shot the shadowing might give it definition. Hard to tell from the shot. I would guess front paw of a bear. Must have been soft mud for the claws to show that well.

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Black bear track?

Looks like the left front paw of a small/medium black bear.

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