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Black Bear or Brown Bear?

Here in Maine we're getting ready to vote on our bear referendum. H$U$ is again seeking to ban baiting, hounding and trapping for black bears. Latest polls show us ahead 57% to 37% with 6% undecided. I attached a picture of their recent flier and there's confusion as to whether or not it's even a black bear.  It's clearly not a Maine bear but that's to be expected from H$U$. I can't decide. Hoping to get some thoughts.

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From what I can see of the

From what I can see of the picture I would say brown bear but I would need more of a frontal or side photo to be sure.

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Harder than I thought but

Harder than I thought

but from countless encounters as an Alaskan hunter, I would have to say young grizzly based on the cubs pattern of colored gard hair on shoulders and back. Also if that's a black bear it would be by far the biggest female I've ever seen

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