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Black Bear in Alberta

My brother and I have a black bear trip planned for May '08.

Anyone have any suggestions on what type of ammo to use?

We have 7mm Rem mag and 300 win mag rifles.

Is something like a nostler partition or TSX necessary?

Thanks and have a good day!

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Black Bear in Alberta

Can't help you with the ammo - I got a black bear once, but it was with a bow.

But, I'd like to know where you're going to hunt. I enjoyed my hunt. Drove to Cadillac Quecbec when I lived in MD.

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Black Bear in Alberta

Are you hunting over bait or spot and stalk?

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Black Bear in Alberta

Either of the bullets in the calibers you mentioned will work. Black bears aren't all that hard to kill, but you do want something that will penetrate through and through while still giving good expansion. Nosler Partions are a great choice and I will be using them on my bear hunt next week. I hope you have a great hunt.

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I'm hunting Saskatchewan black bear May '08 - use your BOW

Everyone I've talked to says that black bear (over bait) is a definite bow hunt. Provided, of course, that one is proficient with a bow (min. 160 lb. draw / 125 grain non-mechanical broadhead).

From what I've researched, many good options on rifle for black bears - 30-06, 7 mm magnum, 300 mag or 300 WSM plenty powerful - should be at least a 180 grain - nosler partition a good choice. I like the Accubond round personally - took down a 1,200 lb. moose in 2004 with one well-placed shot.


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Black Bear in Alberta

When I black bears over bait I use a 7mm Rem Mag with 175gr Corelokt they work great.

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Black Bear in Alberta
Chuck-n-Alaska wrote:
When I black bears over bait I use a 7mm Rem Mag with 175gr Corelokt they work great.

Thats the same setup I use but are your's the PSP's.

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Black Bear in Alberta

Try the winchester XP3 160 to 180 will drop a bear right where he stands, Nosler is also a good pick just not my pick.

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