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Bizarre Looking Teton Elk Antlers

We stopped on the shores of Jackson Hole Lake while kayaking and discovered this weird looking elk skull with non-typical antlers.  One side looked normal, but the other side had antlers growing from the frontal skull like a unicorn.

Casey with Non-typical elk antlers.jpg
Casey with Non-typical elk antlers.jpg1.02 MB
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Seen that happen on occasion.  Not sure what causes it, might be an injury or something like that to the pedicle.

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that is different for sure.


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Ive seen a few of them like that.

I think it happens when they jump that fence and don't quite clear it sometimes it flipps them over on their head pretty hard. Ive seen a couple shot like that and when you skin out the head you can see where the whole skull plate was broken and healed back in a deformed kind of way making the antlers grow that way.

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