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Bittersweet Moment

Last weekend took stepson out on his very first plains muley hunt - what a great time spent together! He had an opportunity, but it was a long shot and shot right over the back of a good doe. He took it very well and even laughed - he's been deadly accurate the many times we've been practicing at the range and he knew the excitement of deer in scope got the better of him. Most of us have been there a time or two eye roll

On our last day out there was an area we knew these plains muleys liked to bed in. We did our best to put him in the best spot, but the only deer in there busted out my direction - rolled it with my own brand new rifle; first kill with "new baby". I love the new Tikka t3 lite! This was my own first succesful shot at a running deer and having that MUCH lighter rifle than my previous "10lb-plus beast" made all the difference shooting off-hand at a running muley. You can see the excitement on kids face as he tells his buddies about the great shot his stepdad made that last day out!!

Although we came home with one of two tags filled, sure wish it would have been his and not mine - but the fact we together brought a deer home for his mother to see hanging in the garage thrilled the heck out of him! We leave for a week of 4th season elk hunt soon and all I can hope for is him to continue having opportunities, a good time, and if fate allows him filling his tag first Big smile

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Bittersweet Moment

Very cool...nice story!! Thanks for getting out the young one! Thumbs up

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