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Bird Down

I called this bird in for a real good buddy of mine while he was visiting from FL. He had flown all the way to VA just to do some hunting and I wasnt about to let him leave empty handed. I cant say this is the best turkey hunt I have evern been on when it comes to calling and the birds responding very well. In fact it may be a perfect video to show your kids on everything wrong you could possibley do on a turkey hunt. haha. We had visited a few places early in the morning with little to no response. The birds were just not hitting on much that day. We finaly went to one last place to sit down and do some calling about 25 yards off of a field where I have seen some ole Toms the day before. I called for about an hour with no response at all. The brush infront of us was very thick so we couldnt see the field very well. After about an hour of calling we decided to just pull our masks up and talk a bit. When all of a sudden this Tom walked into the woods. My buddy was not even ready and both of our masks were up, gloves off, and gun 4 feet away.. While the bird was walking right at us we were able to get our masks on and get a shot off. To beat that my buddy had grabbed a 10gauge that morning instead of my 12g and somehow lord only knows put a 12g bullet in the gun which is the one he used to take the Tom. As I said before its a perfect pic of what not to do.. But he was happy bout the Tom and we just laughed about the rest.

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Bird Down

Funny how them things work out Think
Sounds like a great hunt Thumbs up

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Bird Down

Very nice turk man great hunt and story. Thumbs up

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Bird Down

LOL Sounds like something i would do Laugh

Good turkey for you and your friend! Thumbs up

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