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Bird Dog

Buddy tells his friend that he and his new bird dog can basically talk to each other. Freinds says, "right, prove it." So Buddy points to some bushes and his dog runs over, sniffs around, then returns and barks six times. Buddy says, "there are six birds in those bushes." "Prove it", says his friend. Buddy takes a shot in the air and sure enough, six birds come flying out. "That's great", says the friend, "can I try that?" Sure says Buddy, so the friend points to some bushes and off goes the dog. This time the dog is gone for awhile. When he finally returns, he runs up to Buddy's freind and start pumping his leg. "Get this crazy, dog off me." The dog stops and picks up a stick in his mouth and starts the shake it back and forth. "You've got one crazy dog Buddy." "You and that dog can't talk." Sure we can. He's telling me that there are more f'n birds in there than you could shake a stick at!

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Good one

Good one

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