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I just finished a hunt in eastern MT; this was the 4th year I've done that. The flat country, even in those expansive coulees, involves long shots. That is, a lot longer than near Seattle where I live. I took shots from a sitting position, resting the rifle on my knee. I took a couple of shots from the prone position. I had a difficult time getting a solid rest.

Several of the guys in the group use bipods. It appeared that Harris was considered the best. I looked at the different sizes available and don't know which would work best for my type of hunting. There is the 6-9", a 9-13" and they go up from the there. I'm trying to decide which of the 6-9 or the 9-13 would be better. I've pretty well rejected the ones which are tall enough to shoot from a sitting position.

Can anyone shed some light on this please, based on their own experience? Thanks.

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In my experience, the lower you can get, the steadier you will be. However, I found very little use in the field for the those that cant extend more than a foot. Grass and terrain usually dictate something higher than 8 inches. Like you, I also found the 25" (sitting) bipods to not be steady enough to warrant their use. I think the 9-13 will be the most useful for you.

When I used to cull deer in Texas, I used my bipod only on the 9" setting because I usually had a two-track to lay in. I'm not sure I ever missed a shot when I was that low. Can't say the same thing for higher positions.

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I too have a Harris. Though I do have the pivoting 13.5-27" one. I figured just in case I only have a sitting or kneeling shot. I have never used anything but the lowest 13.5" setting for any real life shots, but I try and practice a sitting or kneeling when at the range. It is much more wobbly! If I have to get any lower than that I use a pack, bush, dirt or whatever else is avail. This years elk I was flat on my belly on the flattop of a small hill and actually had the legs dug-in ~2". Though I had a half an hour wait right in that spot for the shot! eye roll

I do like it though and would recommend it too. Thumbs up

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