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Re: Bipod or Shooting Sticks,,,,that is the question!
yankeehunter wrote:
Okay...... Tell me which one you use and why....which manufacturer...... I am leaning towards the bipod because of mobility, deployment and time.....Give me .02 worth, Thanks! YH

Yankee, if it aint attached to the rifle, don't use it. Shooting stix will eventually get left behind (in the back of the truck, in the middle of a pasture, etc) at the most critical moment.

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Bipod or Shooting Sticks,,,,that is the question!

NMBLackGold is partially right. Shooting sticks can be forgotten in the field, but they are indeed important. I've used bipods and have just never felt comfortable hunting with them. I use Stoney Point shooting sticks whenever I'm out west chasing goats and occasionally deer. Hey, it helped me bag my goat last year!


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Why not both

I have a harris bipod on my rifle and use a walking staff with a rifle rest on top. The walking staff is telescopic and light enough to be usefull even without using it as a shooting stick.

If just a bipod you may find your self in brush just a little taller than the bipod extends. And with the bipod fully extended you might find it awkward to shoot. With just a stick you might need to hunker down a bit and may need a little more stability for a longer shot.

Best of both worlds, I think


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Shooting Sticks VS Bipods

I'm leaning towards shooting sticks myself and just picked up a set.

I'll use them this year and report back in a new thread after hunting season. Just using them in the house I can see their advantage. Now I just need to ascertain my findings. I favor using my pack as a rest if I go prone. It's my belief that by using sticks that adjust from kneeling to standing, along with my pack for prone shooting, I can cover most of the options I may be presented with.


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I like the Harris bipods a

I like the Harris bipods a lot better than shooting sticks.  I found there is too much forward and backward movement to get real accuarate long distant shots with the shooting sticks.  The 23" were too short for me to shoot in the sitting position, the 27" were better.

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Harris here too!

Love, love, love! ...my Harris! Sure does make a diff when you're humping a .340 12 pounder up some hill, and then be able to steady it quick!




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