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Bighorn sheep in Colorado

Hi! New to BGH but have been watching some of the forums in the past. I am beginning to collect preference points for Bighorn sheep in CO and I am curious about some thoughts on where to concentrate my researching efforts. Any help would be appreciated.

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Bighorn sheep in Colorado

Some areas have better draw odds than others. The trophy areas usually have lower odds. You can go to DOW website and research everything you'd want to know. http://www.wildlife.state.co.us and look on the left at the blue area, big game then stats, then choose what info you want. success rates, horn measurements, draw odds, etc.

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Bighorn sheep in Colorado

If you really want to hunt sheep before you die I would suggest to find another state. Colorado's system maxes you out at 3 preference points and then awards you bonus points until you draw. I know of residents that have been putting in for at least 10 years and still possibly don't have a chance. So I would think either Canada or Alaska if you really want a sheep.

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