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bigger antlers equals bigger deer?

I'm talking about the antlers you might use to rattle in a buck. Like sheds you've found or a pair you took off a nice deer while you were dressing him.

Me and my cousin came across a BIG 10-point on my granddad's place in KY that had been taken with a bow through the gut. He was every bit of 250lbs+; I feel bad for whoever lost him. He'd been laying in the creek for a couple weeks at least and his rack was PHENOMENAL, so I braved the stink and flies and sawed off his antlers just above the crowns- would've gone all the way down but his head was coming apart. When I crash these things together they make a heck of a bigger sound than any little 6-point stick racks that I've used.

Does anyone think that sounds from a rack this size would keep smaller bucks away? Maybe it would attract the dominant buck thinking another big deer was in his turf? This pair is awfully cumbersome to carry but I'm sure I could find some easy way to comfortably pack them on a hunt. I'd love to make use of them this season.

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im not a big caller,but had a

im not a big caller,but had a guy in Illinois(that has killed a lot of big deer)tell me that if you want to rattle in big deer use big real antlers.he used a set of horns that would score in the 150s

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That's what I figured, that

That's what I figured, that bigger bucks would respond more to the sounds a bigger rack makes. Here where I live though, the deer are so small it might scare bucks off. Biggest I've ever seen was a 6-point that probly weighed 120.

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