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Big vs small bullets for whitetail

I am a newbie smokepoler who just bought a CVA .50 cal Accura this year and took my first whitetail this season at 60 yds using a 295gr Powerbelt hollowpoint and 100gr Pyrodex. It was a 2 1/2 year old doe and I hit her high and forward but caught the lung(s). To my surprise there was no exit wound and, since the shot was high and there was only one hole, it ran over 75 yds. There was no blood trail for the first 30 yds. Made it a royal pain to track after dark!

I am thinking maybe I need to go to a heavier bullet and/or powder sharge to ensure a big exit wound and bring the deer down faster but I am noticing that most guys shoot 245/250 gr bullets or sabots with 100gr of Pyrodex instead of the full 150gr (when the gun is made for it). Powerbelts come in several sizes going up to 348 gr. Isn't anyone tempted to use a bigger bullet for greater stopping power?

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Big vs small bullets for whitetail

bigger bullets = better penetration/ performance.

I agree with the 348gr being a great bullet, i used one this year, a 2 foot wide blood trail for 30 yards.

Now shot placement is key. No bullet out there can make up for a poorly placed shot.

i have an accura too and love it!

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Big vs small bullets for whitetail

I think not a heavier bullet is the key, but a harder, especially when shooting at bigger game. Have a try with hornady great plains bullets.



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Re: Big vs small bullets for whitetail

I have a couple of freinds who are SERIOUS muzzleloader deer and hog killers..... who SWEAR by the Barnes Solid Copper Expander bullets.... for getting pass throughs... blood trails... and quick recovery. I showed them my powerbelts on our last hunt and they laughed... and then showed me their packets of unused powerpoints. They were ticked at themselves for having bought so many powerbelts before actually trying them on game. They told me to shoot hogs in the head with them... but with Barnes solid coppers.... it didn't matter where I hit them.... but they do work on deer... but don't expect pass throughs or good blood trails.


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Re: Big vs small bullets for whitetail

I've had my best luck with 250-260gr sabot rounds out of my .50cal Omega. Pushed hard by big charges (120gr RS) they do a number on deer.

Here is a 260gr Federal Fusion I recovered from a doe this year. Bullet was found just under the skin on the far side of a lungshot. Deer stood in place for 20seconds after the shot in shock, and fell in a pile. Dead Right There.

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