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Big game hunt camping trip?

i was wondering if anybody has ever thought about organizing a annual big game hunt camping trip or something?

i just had the idea the other day, and i was thinking about different organizations and their organized camping trips and stuff. i though it might be cool to start an annual camping trip to some centralized location, maybe by region, for people and families to get together, have fun and relax in the outdoors that we all enjoy.

let me know what you guys think.

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Sounds like it could be alot

Sounds like it could be alot of fun.   Get a bunch of guys togther telling stories and lies.  The hardest thing on things like that is always finding a weekend on what works best for the majority of the people.  With my hectic work schedule latey I would not be able to take the challenge of the planning side of it but I would love to join in on festives...and maybe I could help out if we get some tenative plans started.

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sounds good

Sounds like a great idea to me.  I don't get westward very often, but we have a great group of members on thsi site and it would be a privilige to hunt with any of you.

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This idea has been discussed off & on over the years. It's a great idea, the challenge is picking a spot that the majority are willing to travel to. 

Starting out with a camping rendezvous would be a great way to bring along the entire family. 

Depending on how many people participate, we would need to reserve the campground and maybe even apply for permits. 

So... I'm game to discuss what type of get-together everyone would like to see and where. It does take some planning. 

I would propose a casual camping trip to get the ball rolling. Colorado has many possibilities, as do all the western states. 

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i was thinking about colorado

i was thinking about colorado myself. the area near durango is beautiful, plus durango has great places for adults to consume adult beverages and there's always things to do there. there's also a couple of places i know of in kansas that are near I70 such as Kanopolis state park and Wilson Lake State park. camping is easy and Wilso has some great lakeside camping, however, Kanopolis has some prairie dogs to shoot at.

Missouri has places like Lake of the Ozarks, and in the Ozark Mtns of arkansas, there's native trout fishing and lots of camping, canoeing, and such in the buffalo river.

i was thinking about 3-4 days. like all of friday, saturday and cleanup sunday.

things i struggle with is organizing family related activities for kids during the day. i'm a young man, i usually plan on fishing and beer.

i would be up for doing this in the summer or fall. but there is a lot things that need to be done.

i think, if we do it, we need to elect someone to be in charge, find a moderator or somebody to post a sticky thread invitation with the infor of the who, what, when and how much$. there will ultimately be trouble with individuals in every situation involving money, so whoever we elect to handle this needs to be able and proficient with handling that.

but anyways, the idea really sounds great. we just have to do it before hunting season or no one will show up!

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While this sounds like a

While this sounds like a great idea you really need to put it into perspective.  Trying to get a number of members to a certain camping spot is a very large job to try and get done. 

The first thing is that you need to find a camping spot where you can hold a party for multiple campers, trailers, and or tents and then determine what kind of resources that are going to be needed there.  I could just imagine what would happen if 20 or so trucks with trailers in tow showed up at a camping area that already had a couple of campers in it and started to set up for a get to gather, at least if it was on public land.  I know for a fact that if your party numbers over a certain number then the BLM and possibly the forest service requires that you have porta toilets available for the event.  This is required even if all the campers/trailers are self contained.  The next thing that you need to take into consideration is how many members are able to take off a couple days from work just for the travel not to mention the time at the event.  Then there is the event itself.  What is planned for recreation during the stay?  A lot of times it would be better for local groups to get together than to try and make it for multiple states. 

I'm not trying to put a damper on the idea but there are a lot of plans that have to be made a long time in advance just to determine what you need for the event itself.  Just so that you know where I am coming from I have organized a number of these type of events and in the end I never thought that they were worth the trouble but I did meet a lot of good folks. 

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