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Big Contest

This thred is a bit slow so I though I'd pump it up a bit. It's to late this year but next year I thought I'd offer cash rewards for the three biggest blacktails. Anyone wanting to contribute to the prize fund, PM me and I'll send my address.

3rd place $3.18
2nd place $2.37
1st place $1.19

In the event of a tie, the two places will be split.

Entry fee $25.92 per entry. Pre-entry $41.53. Please send SASE with your entry!

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Big Contest

If you want I'll act as Treasurer to help keep track of the prize $$$ Yes

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Big Contest

I want to contrbute too.

I will donate a 32.1 grain Charm( authticated by Winchester) for the Lady of your dreams.
" A Man can't love a Woman more than that"

Bracelet sold seperately

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Big Contest

Just make the check out to fuzzybear. I'll fill out the amount at a later date.
That would be for all three place.

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