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Big bore fans help me out on a .454 Casull question

I like the 250gr HP/XTP Hornady for shooting paper and deer. These are the cheapest bullets I can find ($19 a hundred) Why does it seem like everyone tells me I need to shoot 300,325,350s+gr lead gas checked bullets. Those type bullets are expensive compared to the 250s. Any comments welcomed.

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Big bore fans help me out on a .454 Casull question

For paper and deer, they will work just fine.

I am a hard cast bullet shooter, and that is all I really use in all of my handguns. I shot deer, hogs and black bear with them. One bullet on a lot of different game. Not need to keep switching bullets.

Plus you can get good hard cast bullet for just a little more they what you are paying for your Hornady bullets.

Look here.

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Big bore fans help me out on a .454 Casull question

The 250 Hornady /XTP is a fine bullet for deer. More than likely folkes are telling you to shoot bigger badder bullets because the gun can! If the 250s shoot good for you and you have confidence in them, than that is what you should be shooting.

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