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big bear lake, southern california zone D-14

Hello everyone just thought i would stop in and say hi, i am going up by big bear this weekend to try to fill my tag this year. i have never hunted up there but i figured i would give it a try this year has anyone had any luck up there?

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big bear lake, southern california zone D-14

I used to hunt it for deer in the 60"s between Seven Oaks to the South of Big Bear and Bear creek drainages to the West , and since I grew up near there, most of the San Bernardino Mtn areas. There use to be some good spots then for decent bucks, although I don't know what it is like now. Toward the desert side of Big Bear north of hwy. 38 use to hold deer in the joshua trees out there where the pine trees would quit .Water would most likely be a good spot to start looking along with fresh tracks. Good luck!!

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