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Bidens own words

Heres an interesting recording of Biden at a Dem fundraiser in Washington last weekend. The interesting thing is I have heard it several times now and its no where in the news papers or on the news. But, apparently Dan Rather was on last night and said he could only imagine how bad it would have been if Palin or Mccain had said it. But its interesting mostly because none of the major media has picked up on it or even talked about it.

Anyways heres the link.

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Bidens own words

Personally, I believe Biden -- but not his assessment that it will be "manufactured" or that Obama will display steel in his spine.

I've done a lot of research and wrote a master's thesis on this. There's a lot of evidence to suggest that AQ is pursuing a variant of Yassir Arafat's entanglement strategy. In a nutshell, AQ's goal of establishing a caliphate cannot happen in a Muslim world split into pro- and anti-US factions. Thus, you need to erode that support, and US troops in the area will further that goal. You can't be oppressed without an oppressor. Israel has seen this pattern for decades -- as soon as Israel would broker a peace deal and withdraw, the Islamists would start things up again to get the tanks back in.

We're talking Fourth Generation Warfare waged through the media, with political will, not territory, as the objective.

So along that vein, 9/11 was designed to coerce US military action in the Middle East. If you study coercion theory, attacks against military or diplomatic targets during the Clinton administration weren't doing it -- they needed a massive shock that could not be answered with anything less than massive retaliation. I've been arguing for five or six years that we wouldn't see another major attack against the US until we started to withdraw or pull back -- at which point they'd hit us hard again to get us to re-commit.

If that theory plays out, election of a man committed to pulling back would increase the risk of an attack to re-energize American aggression. The worrisome part about it is that liberals historically do a really poor job of managing armed conflict.

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