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BH209 Illegal to use in New Mexico 2011

The newest 2011-2012 New Mexico Proclamation is out and I was shocked to read that on page 6 under Definitions and Terms it says:

Includes rifles and shotguns in which the charge and projectile
are loaded through the muzzle. Only black powder, Pyrodex
or an equivalent substitute may be used. Smokeless
powder, including “Blackhorn 209” powder is illegal. Legal
muzzleloading shotguns are those capable of being fired from
the shoulder only. Muzzleloaders may use in-line ignition,
pelleted powder, sabots, belted bullets and scopes. See
Restricted Muzzleloader, next column.

Restricted Muzzleloader (for certain deer hunts)
Any muzzle-loading rifle (including a smoothbore flintlock or musket)
using open sights in which the charge and projectile are loaded
through the muzzle. Only black powder, Pyrodex or an equivalent
substitute may be used. Smokeless powder, including “Blackhorn
powder, in-line ignition, pelleted powder, sabots, belted bullets,
multiple projectiles and scopes are illegal.

They allow Pyrodex, Triple 7, and other black powder substitutes but not BH209? This is crap. If you hunt in New Mexico or plan to apply for hunts here, and feel this is incorrect, be sure to contact the NM G&F and let them know this rule needs to change. Click here for contact information of NM G&F.

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A muzzleloader by my state's definition need ONLY be loaded from the muzzle. Bullets, ignition systems, powders, etc. are up to the hunter. If a state wants a muzzleloader season and not a "primitive weapon" season, what's the deal??

Best of luck with having that silly stuff fixed!

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When most states started a

When most states started a muzzle loader season there were only "primitive" type of rifles out there.  No inlines, no pyrodex, no tripple 7, and no other types of powder other than "black" powder.  They also considered them a premitive weapon hunt. 

Since then look at what has come out as far as powders, sabots, and the type of firearm that you can use, and even quite a few states also alow scopes of any magnifacation where some only alow a 1x scope.  Now why you would put a 1x scope of a muzzle loader I don't know but there are some out there that do.  That along with the better and almost problem free ignition systems you might as well as be shooting a single shot rifle.  So what is next on what to alow?  Perhaps somebody will say that they want to be able to use a metalic case loaded with black powder since that is close to what a muzzle loader is anyway.

I personally wished that more states would go along with what Oregon, Washington, and Idaho are doing and require a exposed hammer along with outlawing the 209 primer and only alowing caps and flints to be used for the ignition source.  That and open sights would go a long ways for those who wished to really hunt with a muzzle loader during the season.   

Perhaps I am a little biased because of the problems that I had this last muzzle loader season where "hunters" were taking 200 yard shots at deer with there scoped equiped sabot shooting inlines while I was trying to get within a diecent range for my shot.  This didn't only happen once but three times in a week.  

The same type of problem is coming up during the archery seasons in a multipul of states.  Where the state is alowing the use of a cross bow during the archery season.  Some would say that there isn't a difference between a cross bow and a long bow or a compound but there is a major difference. 

As for the original poster there is a problem where they alow some powders and not all of them.  Perhaps it was a typo or someone was misinformed when the rules and regulations were printed.      

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Nope, it's not a typo.  A

Nope, it's not a typo.  A shooter's range is only limited by their ability and ballistic knowledge.  I can and have shot very accurately to 200 yards with pyrodex, triple 7, and shockey powder.  Of course bullet impact energy is my big limitation when it comes to long range muzzleloading.  Yes, I do use optics on all of my guns. 

If others want to hunt primitive type guns and loads, I have no problem with that.  When they try to push that only their way is best, I do have a problem. 

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First of all, welcome to BGH,

First of all, welcome to BGH, hntbambi! Thumbs up
Thanks for posting this thread. Any other wierd rules and regs about NM would be appreciated.
Man, that's a tough rule to swallow. I am in the process of researching and planning a trip to NM.
My niece is stationed there and I would love to visit with her and try the hunting in NM. I hadn't yet looked at the regs for NM so I wasn't aware of these laws.
I have seen where states like CO don't allow pellets, so I did some research about BH209 and decided to try to work Iona load in muzzleloader. I was successful in doing so and now NM won't allow BH, but will allow pellets. What's up with that? LOL.
It's crazy to have to use didn't loads for each state you hunt, but that seems where this is headed.

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Blackhorn 209

Was just informed that the Blackhorn 209 is legal in our state. We will be posting a news release later today for that correction.


NM Dept. of Game & Fish

Public Information & Outreach Division

PO Box 25112

One Wildlife Way

Santa Fe, NM 87504

Tel: 505-476-8000

Fax: 505-476-8116


From: RandyMagic@aol.com [mailto:RandyMagic@aol.com]
Sent: Sunday, December 26, 2010 2:04 PM
Subject: Muzzleloading Propellants


Hello folks,


I've received several phone calls and questions about your muzzleloading regulations that now prohibit Blackhorn 209. What is the basis for this? It seems that only Hodgdon owned propellants are allowed, as in Hodgdon Pyrodex "the smokeless muzzleloading propellant" and Goex blackpowder, Goex also owned by Hodgdon.


Why is discrimination shown by brand or propellant? This is a first. Please explain.



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We don't have the problem

We don't have the problem here in CA with the powder, but, we are not allowed to put scopes on our muzzleloaders.

I think that's their way of trying to lessen the effects of modern technology.  And, I think there are a few other states that do it too.

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