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It is always interesting to

It is always interesting to hear the other side of the story. 

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I think I've heard about

I think I've heard about enough of both sides of the story.  I'll be pretty much ignoring this thread from now on.

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Yeah, it sounds like sour

Yeah, it sounds like sour grapes. There's no guarantees in hunting. What fun would that be?

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cracks me up

You see why you shouldn't try to just bash people on the internet?  Not that I believe either of them, but I'm guessing if you have a legitimate case you lawyer up, not merely try to piss on someone in a forum.

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BEWARE of Triangle T Outfitters!!!

Sorry guys. Just want to get the word out before hunts start getting booked for fall.  We are lawyered up and working with federal officials as well.  Thanks

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BEWARE of Triangle T Outfitters!!!

End of story from me. Let the Law do its job.


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Several comments:  Anyone

Several comments:  Anyone that wouldn't have done everything talked about in this thread BEFORE they spent that kind of money to see that something like this could not happen deserves what may have allegedly happened.  On the outfitting side of this, I could give a rat's azz what Bob Foulkrod would say on a case that he has no idea about because he's no better than any of the rest of us that don't know what really went down.  I could also give a rip if he even knows the guy or has hunted with him because a name person like that is usually treated differently than us average Joes!  I also don't know of anyone who is allowed to take a paying customer on Federal land with out being licensed either through the BLM or USFWS, whichever has authority on said land, so I also call BS on that "don't need to be licensed" comment in the above rebuttal.  If that is a lie, I wonder if everything else in the rebuttal is a lie, truth, or a combination of the two.  Lastly, I doubt seriously that the outfitter is going to offer anyone that kind of recompense mentioned in the rebuttal because they feel so sorry the guys had a bad hunt!  It looks to me like both sides of this case need to look at what they do from here on out and get their act together!!! 

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Two sides to every story

Hi there i would like to bring in a point or two on this subject. First of all there are always two sides to every story. And as i have hunted with Triangle T Outfitters for sevral season and years in fact the season in question and the unit in question i have some insite to the other side of the coin. I hunted unit 10 with Ed during bow season and his young guid in wich both have a very impressive knowledge base on the elk and the unit. It was a great hunt even if we did not draw blood.

  Second there has never been any such claim as a guaranteed hunt in any of the camps that i have had the pleasure of being in with Triangle T Outfitters elk deer or turkey.  It is a hunting situation on free ranging animals and Ed and all of the guids that i have been with try there hardest to put you in game. If there was any guarantee givin it was a guarantee that you would get a tag as we all know New Mexico is draw state and unit 12 and unit 10 tags are hard to come by.

  Third the season in question was a drought season and there where very few Elk to be seen during any of the hunts and units.  I am a hunter and understand that it is hunting and that there are alot of things out of the outfitters controll.We did however get into a bull in the 340 range in unit 10 at 60 yrds and we just could not seal the deal. 

Fourth is the fact that my hunting partner had a unit 12 tag and the two units are across the road from each other, i did happen to see and get into more elk than he did. They are Elk they are hard to hunt and even harder to kill that what keeps me comming back. It is not a pay an outfitter money and drive a truck around and kill them out of the window kind of hunt. It is alot of walking and scouting and HUNTING.

Fiifth is the fact that Triangle T Outfitters requirs a 50% deposite on all of there hunts in order to maintain your spot or your tag. As do most outfitters that i have hunted with. I fiend it hard to belive that Triangle T outfitters would hold any tags for any units for $1000.  Exspecially 4 tags at $7000 a piece. I can see how the $1000 was paid up front to show that the party was defiantly intereasted. But that is no where near 50%. But i do know from experiance that if the full 50% of the deposite is not paid in a timly many you will loose your spot and posible your tag. And that is no fault of the outfitter after all it is bisness And that is how Ed makes a living, that is how he pays his bills and puts food on the table for his family. That is how all the outfitters do it. And i know for a fact that he has to pay the land owner for the Tags weather he sells them or not. And quit frankly i cant blame them they have a life they got to maintain as well. It would be like getting your paycheck on friday and it being only a third of what you worked for. Would you look for other employment or just go hungre.

I am very pleased with the quilaty of hunts that i have been on with ED Tibljas and Triangle T Outfitters. Not all of them have been sucsesfull in game takin but i have enjoyed each and ever hunt as beeing in great country and hunting not just killing. The camps have been comfortable and the food good with lots of laughter and good memories.

I am sorry that you had a bad experiance, but you cant please everybody and if you really thought you where going to hunt elk in a free range experiance and be gauranteed  a shot at a 300 inch bull or better you set your self up for failure. And you should have asked more questions. And like i have said before i have never been offered a gauranteed hunt with Triangle T Outfitters in the 10yrs of hunting with them.

I do encourage anybody that has there doubts or would like to know both sides of the story to look up the web site. check out the other hunters stories and make up your own miend. Triangle T Outfitters is as good as any outfitter out there and they all take there lumps and bruises from anybody that feels that just because you paid for sombody to guid you gaurantees you an animal. Its not about the country the experiance any more its all about the kill and who can show off the biggest antlers we should be ashaimed of ourselfs and what are we teaching our children.

I also do incurage you to do it yourself as it is very satisfieying and very humbling specialy if you dont live in elk country to be able to scout and spend the time in the field.

Good luck in your future hunts and God bless!

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Good hunting w/ Triangle O

I personally hame known Ed for about 10 years and have hunted with him many of times and have yet to have a hunt where I have not been satisfied. Every hunt I have been with him has been very enjoyable and extremely profesional. He Also was very good with my son and helping him and teaching him the basics and more of hunting. In fact he got my son his first kill. Ed is a very good hearted person and is always trying to satisfy his clients to the best of his ability. People need to realize hunting is hunting there is no guarantees. No guide can predict Mother Nature and animal movement. Every time ive went hunting with Ed we have had pristine  lodging situations and terrific food. Triangle T Outfitters is a terrific guiding service that I will keep coming back too.


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Triangle T Outfitters

I have had the pleasure of knowing Ed for over 11 years now and my daughter, my husband, and myself have hunted with him numerous times. We have harvested some beautiful whitetail deer with Ed. Have there been times where the animals werent moving, the moon phase, or weather was an issue, of course!!! This has nothing to do with the guide as it is out of his control! No hunts are ever guaranteed, that is why it's called hunting! We have always enjoyed hunting with Ed, he has great knowledge of the outdoors and always goes above and beyond to make our hunts memorable! The lodging and food has always been good, the stands and territory we've hunted exceptional! We will continue to hunt with Triangle T Outfitters!


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