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best west state to live for hunting

Dang! Part of the problem about where I live is that I don't have to take hunting as serious as I should. I've got into elk now twice in the last 24 hours - but haven't got a shot. Not quite having my act together. If I lived somewhere else I would really be forced to make every opportunity count. I need to do some things around the house - and then I'll go out again at dusk - maybe this time a bit more READY!!!

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best west state to live for hunting

sad we used to say Welcome to California, now go home. no one listened. I lived in Mont. and AZ. But I think New Mexico beats them all.

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best west state to live for hunting

I grew up in western Montana in the Bitterroot Valley but now live in Texas. Let me be the first to tell you, stay in Texas. You never will cherish your time hunting elk in the mountains of Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, or New Mexico as much as when you live there. Believe me you will take it for granted, whether you intend to or not. There is nothing I look forward to more than getting in my pick up in October and heading to Idaho or Colorado. That yearning starts the day I leave elk camp, can't wait for next season.

Look at it this way. Take several ten's of thousands of dollars you save on a home versus living in Montana, Colorado, or Idaho and save it for your next hunting trip. At least the people living there now will appreciate the money you spent and be happy to see you leave instead of staying. Had the rich Californian's and Texan's not stayed in Montana I might still be there yet. Sorry for the long post........ Think

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