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Best way to get bear out of the mountains?

What is the best most efficient way to get a bear out of the mountains?

Is it better to bone it out or quarter it up? Either way, how much weight should I expect on average to a/each load to be? With hide and head?

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Best way to get bear out of the mountains?

On a 200 lb bear you might get 40 lbs of meat--deboned. The head and hide might weigh 70 or 80 lbs at most? So, you're looking at 2 trips.

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Best way to get bear out of the mountains?

I would agree around 40 to 60 range. For a 200 pounder, just make sure to keep the hide clean and away from the blood, you would be surprised the extra weight blood adds to a hide Plus your hunting gear gets covered in it and it isn't the most pleasant smell after awhile of sun and a long walk. Is it cold where you are hunting? I ask because that is also a factor with the blood freezing to the hide.

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