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Best value scope.

Hi All. Was lookng at getting a new scope in 3-9x40, and was wondering what people think is the better scope out of a leupold vx1, a weaver classic v series, and a burris fullfield ii. or any other scopes in that price range that are better quality. Thanks

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Best value scope.

First, Welcome to the BGH forum.
I can't be of much assistance on the scope selections as I have not used either three, but another thing to consider is Warranty and return policy. Some dealers wash their hands with you once the currency is exchanged. I always ask if they will exchange it on the spot if there are problems so I'm not waiting months for a replacement from the factory
In the early 80s I had a home buisness selling rifles, scopes etc and always told my customers that if the scope faulted, I would replace it or at the least put something else on, so they wouldn't be stuck. Sold plenty of scopes and never had one come back BUT, I would not sell the "bottom of the line " model neither

Others on the forum will be more familiar with the scopes you mentioned

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Best value scope.

Hello and Welcome to the site Big smile I to have not used either of these scopes, but hear a lot of people supporting the Leupold.

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Best value scope.

I have a burris, and I have 2 leupolds. vx1 and vx2. Cannot really say which is better. All have clear glass, nice eye relief. The burris is kind of cool with those little tics down the crosshairs. I have that on a 17 and have not shot it enough to really know if those are usefull or not. Don't think you can go wrong on either brand.

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Best value scope.

Leupold VX-1 gets my vote. Own Vari X-II 3-9X40, a VX-1 in 4-12X40, and a Rifleman in 2-7X33, and a Vari X-III in 3-9X40. No complaints. Always been happy with Leupold.

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Best value scope.

Welcome to the site. What I think you'll find is that few people have enough experiences with different scopes so tend to reccommend their favorite. One's that have failed and have been well serviced by the manufacturer get's praise and bad service gets scorn.

The track record of Leupold and Burris and Bushnell cannot be denighed. They are still here because they not only make a good product but as important they stand behind their products. I've used none of them, oops!, I have a Bushnell that about 20 yrs old. I tend to buy scopes based on price anymore where I was once a confirmed Redfield fan.

Hammers advice not to buy the bottom of the line is good but I read somewhere that Leupold's bottom of the line is an old top of the line scope. Burris I don't think makes a bottom of the line model and Bushnell makes some very bottom of the line models, don't let that reflect on their good models.

Weaver is a very old name that made a good scope at one time. They've been down and back up quite a bit in recent years and I doubt I'd trust one just yet. Track record in recent years is to uncertain. I'm sure they have their followers tho, most products do. If you look at the Leupold and Burris, find one in your price range that you like and it will likely make you happy.

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Best value scope.

I like Nikon scopes for the quality and price. They offer the same quaility in their lower priced scopes as the highest priced Leupolds. That is not to knock Leupolds, which are great scopes, but Nikon is able to offer high quality at lower price because they already had so much money in R&D, supplies, and equipment when they entered the sports optics business after being in the camera business for so long.

After having used Nikon exclusively for the past dozen years and selling hundreds of Nikon scopes and binoculars to customers during that time, I have heard no complaints or disagreements with the above opinions. But then as others have said, there are lots of great scopes out there for the money, and all the recommendations you have gotten are good.

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Best value scope.

Got 3 nikons on 3 of my BAD KICKERS .300 weatherby Mag.... 375 h&h and 7mm Weatherby Mag.... Never had to make a single adjustment as of yet in a few years....all 3 extreamly bright and clear.... I also mounted A Nikon shotgun scope on my .444 marlin...Before you laugh I use it Primarily for brush and with the longer eye relief it comes to bere alot faster than a 3 inch eye relief and In brush that helps ALOT. Will be Buying 3 more soon for ma New Toys.... Gettin the TC Encore Pro Hunter with 7mm.08 ... .50 cal ML ...and 25.06 barrels.... Dont always fall for the name.....Fall for the quality that you can see for YOURSELF and from ALOT of others opinions. Leu in my opinion are great scopes but Not worth the rediculous prices when you can have a Scope JUST AS GOOD for WAY less.....Burris Also has great quality optics and some of thier scopes are priced ok....Imma country boy and work hard for what little money I get so I find the best buy for the money with EVERYTHING....sept wimmin dernit....them thangs ALWAYS cost ya more than they are worth Laugh

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Best value scope.

The Burris FFII is essentially a Pentax Pioneer. The arrangement between Burris and Pentax is that Pentax supplies Burris with glass and Burris assembles Pentax Pioneer (same as FFII) and Lightseekers (same as Signiture series). Keep in mind that Pentax does come with a Lifetime, no fault, bullet proof warranty & the Pioneer can be purchased slightly less expensive than the Burris. please feel free to give us a call to discuss it.

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Best value scope.

As much as I like the leupolds. I will have to go with the Burris Fullfield II.

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