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Best TROPHY ELk area for New Mexico

I have hunted 15 serveral time and know a lot of good places, willing to porvide some information that will save you some time on the scouting.

If interested send me a PM

M. Bird

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Best TROPHY ELk area for New Mexico

I hunted the 1st ML season on 15 in '08 as well, didn't score but may be able to provide some insight. Don't know if you apply for different weapon types but if considering applying for the 1st ML season on 15 this year you may want to take into account the fact they moved it to one week later so the bulls may be all done with the rut.

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Best TROPHY ELk area for New Mexico

Great advice guys, I had to call off my try at the 16's and the 15mz this year due to unforseen singledom, but will put in for a diff. area and DIY instead of 1st guided hunt. I was wondering if any are familiar with 51 or 52? I know area but haven't hunted it. Just was told to stay away from tres peidras zoo? Any advice on where up there to start?

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