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Best time to Bowhunt

 Some friends & I are planning an elk hunt this fall in Colorado in area 711. We need some help and info on what week would be the best for that area.

 We have rifle hunted several years in this area but have never bow hunted for elk. We're from Tn & Fl and are avid bowhunters. When we rifle hunt we have always hunted Glade & Benchmark Mnts. some maps simply refer to this area as the glade.

 Also I have seen hunt dates for muzzleloader season that seem to coinside with bow hunt dates. Do they muzzleloader hunt while bow hunting.

 Any information as to when the rut is and when they start bugleing would be apreciated. Thanks


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Welcome to the forum.  As for

Welcome to the forum. 

As for the best time to bow hunt all I can say is if you have a dart board at home is to take a calendar and hang it on the dart board.  Then throw a dart at it and you will have a good time to hunt.  Now to let you know every year is different, one year they will be screaming their heads off from the first of September all the way to the end.  Then there are other years when the only bugle that you will hear will be another hunter in your area.  The best advise that I can give you is to find where they are traveling from their sheltered area to feed to water and back and then set up near the path that they are taking. 

As for the muzzle loader hunt, yes it does go on during the bow hunt and starts on September 8 and runs through the next weekend.  Hunters that are out with their smoke poles need to wear hunter orange where as a bow hunter doesn't.  It doesn't make any sense to me but those are the rules. 

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I had to call and ask about

I had to call and ask about the hunter orange for bow hunters. The person that answered the phone wasn't sure. She put me on hold and came back in 10 minutes. Basically, it's because they consider it a primitive season, and bow hunters need to get close. I asked her if they didn't consider the muzzleloader season as a primitive season? She said yes it was. I then said that now they know that deer/elk don't see hunter orange as orange like we do, and it's a pale yellow that blends into the terrain. She agreed.

She agreed that bow hunters should wear hunter orange, but they probably won't change the law. I know if I was a bow hunter i'd wear orange during ML season at least. More than likely all the time.

To the OP. I would hunt the whole month since I live here, but if I had the pick just one week. I'd hunt the last week. It would be cooler, and if it's a late rut. I'd have a better chance of being in it. It's a crap shoot though. It's hard to predict what week would be better. I sure wish the ML season was as long as the bow season. That would be one happy month for me.

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