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Best State for Antelope Hunting

Not trying to start a war, just looking for some info. I'm in SC and never been on an antelope hunt. I would like to start doing some research to get ready for a hunt with a couple of family members. When I say best state, I don't mean the biggest bucks necessarily, there are other factors involved. Ease of everyone getting a tag(permit), availabilty of public land, cost of out of state license fees, numbers of deent size antelope, chances of getting doe tags also, etc. I would rather all of us come home with a nice size antelope, good memories, and some money left over, than for half of us to come home with trophies, arguments, and everybody broke. 'm not sure just how many states even carry antelope. Anyone get me started?

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Plain and simple for what you

Plain and simple for what you are looking for it is Wyoming

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Really? For some reason I

Really? For some reason I always wanted to go to Montana. But, now that I'm older,(and supposed to be smarter, yea right) I weigh my needs against my wants. If Wyoming is the best spot then that is where I will start my search. I appreciate the suggestion and if we are all successful, we will owe you our sincerest gratitude.

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I have many friends that take

I have many friends that take the trip every year from southern CA to Wyoming.  They always have a grat trip, and always get their goat.....

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wyoming is the the place for antelope hunting, they have alot more goats there then any other state.

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I agree Wyoming is a great

I agree Wyoming is a great place for speed goats. You may want to look into other states but I would start with Wyo.

Also the deadline for buying prefrence points in Wyo. is Sept. 30th. It cost $30 for antelope so if your planning on waiting 4 or 5 years and trying to draw for a better unit I would buy PP befor the deadline.

If you do enough research you might be able to do a combo DIY mule deer/antelope hunt. I did this 3 years ago and it was awesome. It makes traveling so far worth while. Not that goat hunting isnt worth the drive. Good luck.

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We have had a lot of success

We have had a lot of success in Montana for the last 30 years. Our most sucessful hunting has been in and around the badlands area just northwest of Terry, Montana. We've also had great success in the area just west of Ekalaka, between there and the Powder River. Both places usually have accomodations available, so a day hunt is easily manageable. These two areas are in Antelope Region 700 and there are a lot of tags available in the draw (though not guaranteed). There is also game processing available in Baker and Terry. This region is enormous and landowner permission to hunt is usually not difficult + there is the Block Management program. We have taken several 14"+ bucks in this area.

As in Wyoming, you can also combine antelope and deer (again, not guaranteed in draw). There are lots of muleys and whitetails, with muleys predominant in the hills and gulleys of the tougher stuff and whitetails prominent in the river valleys. My hunting partner and I have hunted in this area since 1979 and have been probably 85-90% successful overall. My best mule deer ever (30") came from the area around Terry. If you have any other questions, let me know.

One other thing: you can party draw which is always a good thing.

Good Hunting!

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Wyoming is the best

Wyoming is the best state,montana second and colorado third            


just my 2 cents::whistling:

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I asked my girlfriend's son

I asked my girlfriend's son if he wanted to go on an antelope hunt with me. he said sure. Then he found out that it would cost a grand or 2, plus we had to get on a plane. He couldn't say no fast enough. HAHA! He's more afraid of flying than I am. It was priceless. My plan was to take my son and my possible future stepson on a hunting trip that we've never been on and quite possibly will never go on again. My son is all for it, but her son wantsw to know if we can have the antelopes shipped here from Wyoming and then we can go hunt them. If somebody came along and filmed us, this would be funnier than the blue collar comedians meet up with Jimmy big time & duck commander. 

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WY is the place to go....lots

WY is the place to go....lots of goats and tags are a plenty.  Send me a PM if you want some info...I can let ypou know about the area we hunt.

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wyoming for numbers but i

wyoming for numbers but i think states like NM and AZ have pretty darn good trophy potential

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