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Best shooting Bows

What's the best shooting compounds you guys have shot?

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Best shooting Bows

Whisper Creek Stealth...smoothest bows out there..I guarantee it.. Quietest also.. These bows are absolutely amazing

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Best shooting Bows

A few years ago i would have siad Mathews as i owned three of them,

Today, Pearson Stealth, diesel, or Spoiler.

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Best shooting Bows

To date the best shooting compound I have owned was a Mathews SQ2 I have shot nicer feeling bows but for hunting function mixed with excellent shooting characteristics the SQ2 was the best I have personally owned. I jumped off the Mathews bandwagon when they started with all that string suppressor long riser short ata stuff. it took the short out of the bow and added a bunch of dampening gear that IMO is still useless garbage.

I have since pretty much quit with the compounds all together. I have less than 75 bucks in my recurve with the supplies I needed for the snakeskin backing. No sights to worry about, no extra gear. it shoots smooth as silk.

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Best shooting Bows

I finally upgraded my "ancient bow" (mid 90's PSE) this past winter to a Kodiak KO32 and I love the way it shoots. I shot new PSEs, Matthews, and a Parker...the Kodiak felt the best by far.

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