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Best Rifle Scope?

I'll throw mine into the mix: Nikon Monarch. I've got the 3.3-10x44 AO and I love it. Coated lenses, lifetime warranty, adjustable objective (which I'm finding isn't really all that important anyway...not yet at least), solid construction, etc. I'll let you do the rest from here. As far as price goes, it's middle of the road - not as high as Swarovski, Zeiss, and even Leupold; but a little more than Burris.

Have fun shopping, I'm jealous!

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Best Rifle Scope?

I alway lean toward Leupold, VXII's. 1x-4x on a 340 Wthby, 2x-7x that I've had for 20 or 25 years has been on several rifles, it's mounted on the 300wsm now, M8 in 4x that's mounted on a 243win and a 3x-9x VXII that was set up on a 270win and a 300wm.
There's a Simmons target scope on the shelf that I used to have on a 243win that is being converted to a 270wsm. The 270wsm is going to wear a 3x-9x Burris Fullfield II. I was going to mount either a Nikon, Bushnell Elite 3200 or a Leupold on this rifle, but when I saw how clear the Burris is I changed plans. The Burris is a one piece tube and all lenses are multi coated, also the warranty is life time. Price is comparable to Leupold, about $50 cheaper when it was on sale.
I think I been swayed toward the Burris.

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Best Rifle Scope?

Leupold lol

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Best Rifle Scope?

burris eye roll

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Best Rifle Scope?

leupold is excellent.just put a redfield scope on a varmint rifle and i have no complaints. as for price-try looking around online. saved about $200 on mine.

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Best Rifle Scope?

Choices, choices, choices. Hunting is expensive, and also precious. If you look at the $49.oo “Trashco”. That’s what you get – trash. So it proves you get what you pay for. Don’t let anyone convince you that less expensive is just as good. (in scopes) Less expensive may work well for the level of hunting you demand from a scope. The great quality of Leupold and the superior quality of Swarovski / Kahles cannot be beat. Your choice is your choice. If you demand less. Pay less. If you want no compromise, buy the best. You now know my choices. Big smile

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Best Rifle Scope?

I learned something new this weekend... I was at a gunshop and they had a really cool device - a rifle stockd with plastic clip scope rings. At the end of the stock was a long black tube with a slide picture of a deer at the end. You can snap any scope you want onto the stock and get a great "low light" view.

Low light is where you'll see the difference in good glass and not good glass. I spent 30 minutes looking at every scope they had, on various magnifications.

Here were the findings:

#1 Swaro
#2 GrandSlam
#3 Bushnell 3200 and 4200 (Couldn't really SEE a difference)
#4 Burris Fullfield II
#5 Leupold VX II
#7 Tasco and Simmons. BIG DROP IN QUALITY!
I would've liked to see a Nikon but they didn't have any.


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Best Rifle Scope?

Leupold is what i chose 8years ago for my rem7400 30-06 never had a problem with it and it has been through hell and back from being dropped from tree stand dragged through the thickest brush

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Best Rifle Scope?

My Leupold is probably not the best scope in clarity but that is not the only measure of scope quality and not the reason I buy leupolds. Leupold scopes are build to last and last and last. Until I see another scope that can stand the test I will not be switching.

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Best Rifle Scope?

I think Leupold makes a great scope and you definitely can't go wrong putting their product on your rifle. I am currently using a Bushnell 3200 on one of my rifles and really like the clarity. I decided to try Bushnell when a friend who was having trouble with a 15 year old scope sent it back to Bushnell for repairs and got great service. They were unable to fix the problem with the scope so they sent him a new one. The kicker being that it was an upgrade from the model he had which was no longer made by the company. So with service like that how can you go wrong?

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