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Best Progressive Reloading Press

I'm thinking about upgrading to a progressive press. A friend of mine just bought the Hornady LNL and it's pretty good. I'm trying to decide between Hornady LNL and Lee Pro 1000. Does anyone use these and if so, what're your thoughts? I can buy the Hornady for $350 and get 500 XTP's for free. The Lee is around $225 - $240, so I don't think price would be a factor when deciding which to buy. Thanks.

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How much ammo are you

How much ammo are you planning on shooting? Using a standard press I can put out a couple hundred rounds a hour. Now a friend of mine that in into competitive shooting is using a Dillon RL 550 and he can fly with it putting out 500+ rounds a hour.

I personally like the standard one at a time presses. That way you can inspect the cases as you move through the process of reloading them and it gives me something to do in the cold of winter.

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I loaded around 2,000 rnds.

I loaded around 2,000 rnds. last week. It took me a while and typically, I load in stages - de-prime and resize one day, tumble another, etc. So 2,000 rnds. takes a lot of time. I like to use single stage press like you suggested in the winter, it does kill time. However, over this summer, my daughters took an interest in shooting and they want to shoot constantly! So I anticipate loading quite the volume in the coming years. Dillon is pretty expensive, I'm trying to keep my cost below $500 which is why I like the Lee and Hornady. My concern is that either won't work properly - seating the primers seems to be the biggest issue. So, any info about how either of these work would be greatly appreciated.

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Because of the volume I'd get

Because of the volume I'd get something other than Lee. I've got a Dillon for 9mm, Dillon is very good. Mine is bottom of the line. The amount you load seem's to say that price is a last though. Hornady should be very good too and doesn't RCBS make one. I hate to dis Lee but because of the volume, think there are better choice's. For the most part, I think "best" just depnds on who your talking to.

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another vote for the Dillon,

another vote for the Dillon, have had mine for years (1988) and it still works great


best of luck


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Thanks everyone for the

Thanks everyone for the response. I think I'll be going with Hornady when I make the purchase. Dillon is a little pricey for me.... I don't load 2,000 rds each week, but when I load, it's usually in mass quantity. One last question, do any of you use a progressive for rifle and if so, how does it compare to single stage loading in regards to accuracy? Thanks,

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