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Best LR Scope for $600 - $900

My dad and I just got great deals on two Weatherby Mark V Accumarks, one in .270 Weath. Mag. and .300 Weath. Mag. I was wondering what the best scope (or brand) would be for hunting elk at anywhere between 100 and 500 yards. From what I've heard elk are usually out at night so preferably a scope with low light capabilities. Thank you for any help!

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Welcome to the forum: You

Welcome to the forum:

You will find out that as you go up in magnification the light gathering capability will go down.  As for me I have a Leupold V X III 3.5-10 on my .340 Weatherby and love it.  Along with the other hunters that have used my rife for some of their hunts.  My nephew even said that he could see a elk he shot better through the scope on my rifle than he could through his binoculars.  But for me I am a Leupold fan.  I have them on all of my rifles except for one which is a 1974 model of a Redfield.  You might also want to check out the Vortex brand.  I haven't looked through one but from what I have heard they are up there in quality.     

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For your price range I would

For your price range I would look at Leupold VX 3 or better, Zeiss Conquest, and Minox.

I've got a pair of Minox scopes and I'm putting them through the paces right now. See me in a couple of months and I'll have more information for you about them.



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Have you heard anything good

Have you heard anything good about the VX-3L? Seems like it would give better light gathering and still be mounted fairly low so I don't end up dottin my eye

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You might take a look

You might take a look at the Bushnell Elite 6500. I have one on my 30-338 mag and practice out to 500 yards with it. Mine is the 2.5-16X50 with a 30mm tube. I love the fact that I can crank it down to 2.5 power while still hunting or when I know I won't be taking a long shot but I can crank it up to 16 if I need a better look at something at a distance. I hunt with it in Colorado and am very comfortable taking a shot to 500 yards with it. It pulls in enough light that I could easily shoot after legal shooting light is over. It won't break the bank at about $700.  They also offer a 4.5-30X50 but I don't think that much magnification is needed when hunting big game. I will be getting another soon for my 220 swift varmit rifle. Everyone that has checked my 6500 out is very impressed with it.

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Welcome to the forum. A good

Welcome to the forum.

A good choice would be the http://www.cameralandny.com/optics/vortex.pl?page=vortexviperhs4-16x44lr Vortex Viper HS 4-16x44 LR (Long Range) Take a look and I think you'll like what you see

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An elk is a large animal. If

An elk is a large animal. If you can't shoot well at one with even a 2-7x scope, going up in power isn't going to help. Then there's the other thing. It seems to me that anymore everyone want's to be ready for at least the 500 yd shot. I don't understand the thinking! They want to be ready for the 500 yd shot so they get a scope that really isn't all that handy on a hunting rifle and then the majority of them never spot an elk at 500 yds. In fact if you want to try a shot at that distence your really gonna have to be carefull where you hunt. Problem being a lot of really good elk country won't let you see that far!

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Don is right on about this

I have never seen but one bull over 300 yards except for the ones that were a mile off. And I ended up getting him at 75 yards. Out of the dozen or so animals I have taken in Colorado, only 3 have been over 250 yards, the rest have been 40 to 150 yards. I would bet a big percentage of bulls are killed under 150 yards. I shoot to 500 yards cause I enjoy it and hunting whitetails at home offers alot of shots 300 to 400 yards. Most of the area I hunt elk in Colorado won't offer long shots like you see on TV.

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