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Best iPhone Hunting App

My favorite iPhone hunting app so far is IHuntJournal.

You can record your hunts, trophies, and research all in one place very easily. You can even attach pictures from your trail cam or actual harvest. If you phone supports GPS, then your actual position is automatically added.

What is your favorite app and why?

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Are you by chance associated

Are you by chance associated witht he creation or distribution of this App???  You just joined, and this is your only post?  Sounds like spam.

If it's not, then I apologize and say welcome to the site.  Just odd first and only post....

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Hopefully in January

Hopefully Verizon will get the iPhone in January and then I can try out all the cool apps AND get good service.  I have been sitting beside way too many people trying to show me their "cool" apps only to hear them cuss AT&T for not being able to get service. 

My guess is that the best and most useful app for the hunter would be the compass and GPS.Thumbs up

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This sounds kinda fishy to

This sounds kinda fishy to me, only post talking about an app? can we say spammer!!! If the app pin pointed my exact location where i got an animal and others could see it i for one would not be interested ( dont wanna give up my honey holes, sorry guys.). If this isnt spam than sorry for jumping to conclusions and welcome to the site. its the best one out there. So in your post you never said why its your favorite app. are you gonna tell us?

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Why I like iHuntJournal

You asked why I like this iPhone app. It let's me keep a journal of my field research and hunts in a single app. I can even add pics from trail cameras or an actual kill. No more paper journals to remember great hunts. Plus the gps feature is great for marking locations and
studying terrain. One last thing, it is very flexible and you can creat your own game lists. Enough for now. Go check it out yourself

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Not a spammer just an avid hunter that likes tech

To the guys who thought I might be spamming. I'm just an avid hunter. Posted this message is several places. Got some great info on apps that add value to a hunting experience. By the way, got turned around in a swamp after dark. Fired up iHuntJournal and it pinpointed my location. Then used the compass to walk out. Have a great next hunt!

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my favorite app for hunting

my favorite app for hunting is my balistic calculator. I use it the most for judging bullet drop per weather conditions. Other then that I play lots of games while sitting in the stand waiting on deer to show them selves.

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  I use Spyglass for hunting!


I use Spyglass for hunting! Great app to mark blinds and stands, easily find your way back or show buddies where to go that day

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