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Best hypervelocity .22 LR ammo?

Whats up guys, This is realy an age old .22 LR question but, In your opinions what is the best .22 LR ammo for goundhogs between CCI stingers, quick-shoks (hich actually are pre-fragmented, so when you shoot them they turn into 3 little bullets making 3 wound channels), velociter, or the aguila super maximum which go 1750 F.P.S! So you guys choose,Thanks.

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Best hypervelocity .22 LR ammo?

I'd use the quickshoks, never shot a groundhog "Yet" but have shot squirrels at 50 yards with them and dropped them like a rock Thumbs up


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Best hypervelocity .22 LR ammo?

Dynapoint or JHP.

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