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Best Gun...For MY area

New hunter here in South Florida. This is what I am thinking.

I will be hunting deer and hogs in the swamp and in heavy brush.

I'm pretty sure that distance will be 50-75 yards max

.30-30 lever maybe? .30-06 bolt-action? Savage? Remington?

Scope or no scope?

Price range is $600-ish

Can ya'll help a Florida Boy out?


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Best Gun...For MY area

Welcome to BGH!

It sounds like you haven't even shot much before? Makes selecting a type of action for you a bit hard for me. But I believe that most people starting out get along pretty well with a lever action. Most of them change down the road but it's easy to get along with. The 30-30 will do as well in what your talking about as any cartridge. But the idea of a brush cartridge is an error in my view. To many times it has been proven that all bullets bounce off of brush, not just light fast ones. zProbably the best thing is if you have some friends that hunt and have different action's, try them out and see what you like.

In heavy brush a shorter barreled rifle is much handier to use, brush doesn't get in the way as much. The brush I've hunted in, fast follow up shots were what was talked about but the animals disappear so fast in it, I can't see time for the follow up shot. That mean's that even a single shot will not normally cost you the lost shot you'll loose anyway.

The most trouble free actions are the single shot, then bolt, then lever and pump and lastly the auto loader. Trouble free is just a word though. If you take good care of your rifle and keep the action clean, trouble is a seldom experienced thing.

As for sight's for what your talking about, open with a ghost ring rear aperature might be the best for me in the past but, my eye's don't work so well anymore though so I would pick a fixed power 2 3/4 up to fixed 4x scope.

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Best Gun...For MY area

Have you considered something like a Remington 870 with a rifled barrel for sabot slugs?

You will probably be in a lot of palmetto and cain thickets. Other wise a .30-30 will be fine.

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Best Gun...For MY area

I like the bolt action even in brush because you can slip the safety off silently when you do sneak up on something whereas a lever action clicks when you cock it (unless you have a certain technique where you depress the trigger while cocking to avoid the click which is generally akward and unsafe). My experience is that one shot is about all you get in the brush but there are far more experienced brush hunters lurking on this forum than me.

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Best Gun...For MY area

if i were you, i would buy a shotgun. You can pick up a Mossberg 500 package for much less than 600 bucks. They are so versitile, and nearly indestructible. There's a reason that the Marines use this shotgun, and there can be some weather in Florida that is hard on guns. Thats just my opinion, if you have your heart set on a rifle, nothing wrong with that.

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