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Best gun for hunting Alaska brow bears?

I am new to Alaska and would like to go Brown bear hunting. I currently own a 270 and I think it is way to light for something that big and dangerous. I would like to know what you guys think would be a better choice of gun for me to buy to hunt them with. I also want to use it for moose. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Personally speaking I think

Personally speaking I think that if you know how to shoot it that the 270 with the heaver bullet would be fine for a brown bear. Now after saying that when I talked to some guides up in Alaska about what caliber of rifle to bring on a brown bear hunt up there the vast majority of them said a 30 caliber magnum or larger. But there was a couple that said to bring what I was comfortable shooting. If you are recoil sensitive any of the magnum rounds are going to cause you problems. I myself would use my 340 Weatherby, it will handle anything this side of Africa and I have no problem with a sub MOA group at 200 yards with it. I also have a 348 Winchester. Which is a caliber that a lot of settlers used in the back country of Alaska that worked just fine on big bears. So you see there really isn't a real answer. But if you don't mind the recoil any of the calibers from a 30-06 shooting 220 grain bullets up will do the job.

As for a moose, use your .270. They are not hard to kill.

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Best gun for hunting Alaska brown bears?

Brown bear? Anything that starts with a "3" and ends with a "magnum." I got mine with a .300 WSM shooting TSX bullets and it punched clean through the shoulder and out the other side. My hunting partner got his with a .325 WSM. His was an 8 foot boar he hit at 75 yards with 200 grain Accubonds. One round punched through and the other round was just under the hide on the far side. A lot of folks up there love the .375 H&H mag for this purpose, but you can do it with less. Personally, I wouldn't try it with a .270 -- you need a bullet with some mass to carry through a lot of flesh and bone.

The big thing is to hit them in the shoulders and pin them to the spot. It can take them awhile to figure out that they're dead, and you want them to come to this realization where you hit them...not off in the brush somewhere.

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