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best elk call during rut

I am looking to buy a bull Elk call. I have a hoochy mamma cow call. Does anyone have suggestions?

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I prefer diaphragm calls,

I prefer diaphragm calls, single reed is the way to go there easier to use than a double or triple and they sound like smaller bulls. You don't want to sound like the biggest bull on the mountain. If you don't like diaphragm calls or can't figure out how to get elk sounds out of them. I would reccomend the Mac Daddy. 

I use bugles to locate elk and thats about it. If you bugle too much more often than not a bull will round up his cows and leave the area. 

The only time I have had good luck calling in bulls with a bugle is when I can get within 100 yards of the herd, set up in cover with good shooting lanes, cow call and then let out a small bull bugle. make sure your ready to shoot because the herd bull is gonna think you stole one of his cows and he will come in looking for a fight. Good luck.

I would leave the hoochy mamma at home. from my experience they will scare off more elk then they will call in. You can get much better elk sounds with the fighting cow call, bull hooker, or any diaphragm.

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Sceery Cow Call

Can't find the cow call I use all the time but am pretty sure it's a Sceery brand.  It has a protected reed & bite pressure on different sections of the guard produces different tones (cow or calf).  It's really easy to use & it sounds as good as other mouth calls I've heard & tried.

I've got a Primos brand extendable bull call that uses stretched latex over the mouth piece to produce the sounds.  I rarely if ever use it anymore though - it seems like the bulls are educated against responding to bull calls; at least on the public ground I hunt.  I'm guessing part of the reason is that everyone continues to "scout" for elk, typically by hiking ridges or atv'ing along trails bugling every quarter mile.

If you're like me the only way a diaphram call will work is if I find elk who respond to the sounds of gagging & retching. 

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