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Best Deer caliber, without alot of recoil
ChesterGolf wrote:
Kirrmeister wrote:
Hello from Germany!

I would take or recommend a 6.5x55 swedish with a heavy bullet.



I would also take the 6.5x55. It is an underestimated caliber and works wonders on deer and hardly has any recoil. Thumbs up

I'm on my fourth! Thumbs up

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Best Deer caliber, without alot of recoil
wonksy wrote:
270 win. Thumbs up

Got to go with this guy

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Best Deer caliber, without alot of recoil

.257 roberts, notorious for low recoil, flat tragectory and energy down range. As a guide, a hunter and reloader the "bob" is quite likely the most versatile varmite/biggame cal outthere IMHO

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Best Deer caliber, without alot of recoil

I would have to say the 7mm 08. I bought one for my wife who is very small and it has very minimal recoil and does the number on a deer.

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Best Deer caliber, without alot of recoil

any of the above advice is good...

my choice would be a 7-08 also...
... actually having some work done on one as we speak, for just this reason, my brother is recoil sensitive...
does not take long for him to start flinching, after a few rounds at the range, he's not having fun anymore.
every year he borrows a rifle from me, so for his birthday this year, he's getting this
...having a remmy 700 action trued, lapped, trigger job, factory take off barrel trued, and bedded in a mcmillan classic stock, topped of with warne bases and rings, with a nikon monarch 3-9 sitting in them.

this to me is a really nice low recoiling deer rifle.

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Best Deer caliber, without alot of recoil

There's more to consider than just the calibre (although that is definitely a factor). Rifle weight makes a big difference (the heavier the rifle the less recoil you feel). Also semi-autos don't feel all of the kick as some of the recoil energy is used to work the action and isn't transfered into your shoulder.

That being said:

- .223 where legal
- .243/6mm
- .44 Mag rifle (pistol round fired from a rifle)
- .30/30
- 7mm 08 (don't get this one confused with the "other" 7mm's or you'll be in for a nasty suprise)
- .308 stay away from BLRs if you're concerned about recoil (I have one, it kicks a lot more than my father-in-law's Savage does)
-6.5mm Swedish
- .25-06
- .260

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Best Deer caliber, without alot of recoil


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Best Deer caliber, without alot of recoil

Well that’s the thing, guiding hunters most of my life I have seen a lot of hunters and a lot of difference rifes, calibers, ECT. There are two kinds of recoil, actual recoil and perceived recoil. The first being "real" recoil, that is actual force felt and the latter being what is in ones mind. On thing I have noted, size has physical size has nothing to do with recoil. I have seen 210 pound hunter complain about the recoil of 7mm mag and seen 120 women hand the same caliber, load and rifle model with ease.
Much of both forms of recoil can be handled simply by shooting and doing so with proper form and I have noticed women often time has a much more technical and proper shooting form then men do and as well often shoot MORE with their rifle then some make hunters I have seen. Why? Male hunters tend to think naturally they can shoot at anytime and place and hit any distance. Women tend to want to practice more for a clean shot at harvesting their game.
I have a close friend, very good hunter, 270 for him is all the recoil he wants and the thought of my 300 win mag makes him start to flinch before even loading it, I have however convinced him to get a 7mm mag for elk hunting and actually tricked him into showing him the difference in perceived recoil with a mild 7mm mag reload and a hot 270 load, he said point was taken as I had him adjust his shooting technique , in the end it convinced him he simply needed to practice more. Guess what, recoil doesn’t bother him near as much as it used to.
In the states we aren’t shooting any real caliber that has very much recoil, we RARELY need more then a single or maybe 2 shots to bring down anything we have in the US.
I have friends in Oz that laugh as the recoil issue as well as got a good chuckle from a South African friend who guides, both places a 338 is considered smaller calibers for dangerous game, the average being .375 or more.
My suggestion is choose a caliber that will cleanly harvest the game you hunt, shoot more, worry about recoil less, when that monster is in your recticle the only recoil felt will be your buddies shock at your trophy.

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Best Deer caliber, without alot of recoil

My favorite is the 25-06. I agree with most of the above. Concerning recoil gun weight , type of action and shape of stock are all important. The 30-30 is a mild cartridge but in a light single shot or lever action with a narrow butstock it can whack a kid pretty good. On the other hand my 45-70 Sharps weighs 12 pounds and kicks like a kitten. The 243 with 90 grain bullets would be my minimum. Put it in a youth size bolt gun with a good quality low powered scope. Don't go cheap on the scope and rings. My favorites are Leupold VXIII's. When I lived in Alaska it amazed me the number of hunters that show up with nice gun with a cheap scope for expensive hunt. Too much scope power and/or cheap scope =missed shots or no shots. But I digress. Shoot lots of .22 ammo for target practice to save $ and in the month before you hunt shoot up a few boxes of ammo in your deer rifle. Practice different shooting positions. Never shoot off hand if you can kneel, sit, or get into a prone. Where you put the bullet is more important than the caliber.

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Hands Down I beleive the 30/06 is the most versatile round in the USA today. it has manageable recoil and has the most wide variety of bullet weights available from over the counter stores than anyother caliber. With proper training and well placed shots you can take any animal in north america with this caliber! If you're on a budget this is a do it aLL GUN!

Good Hunting!

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