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Best Coyote Hunting Dogs

I am from Oklahoma and wondered if anybody hunted coyote with dogs? Any advice on good breeds for hunting coyotes is appreciated. I would like to offer a couple of breeds and see what your take on them would be as well as a mix of these breeds. Rhodesian Ridgebacks which are used to hunt lions in Africa and also locally Catahoula dogs and Walker dogs are used. Any thoughts are welcomed. Happy hunting to all!

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Best Coyote Hunting Dogs

I know folks in Az. and N.M. use Airedales.

here is a link to an airedale forum...might help ya out

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Best Coyote Hunting Dogs

Learn something new everyday. Never thought of using dogs for coyote hunting. Going out tomorrow for the first time this year, but no dogs.

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Best Coyote Hunting Dogs

I've never used dogs on coyote, but I think a lot of the coyote dogs around here are greyhounds.

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