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.243 would be my first

.243 would be my first choice, but really any of you're three would fit the bill. 

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.260 Rem

My choice for those three animals would be the .260 Rem. Mine has become my favorite rifle. Lighter weight loads are available for coyote/varmits, 125/130 gr for deer and pronghorns. With 140/160 gr loads it will kill elk and caribou. Recoil is mild and rifle weight in the Rem Model Seven is light enough to be a pleasure to carry all day. Mine is very accurate!

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Best Caliber for Deer, Antelope, and Coyote

IF you have a little money check out the 6.5 mm from gunwerks it comes equipped with a huskemaw long range scope that is very accurate, i used this gun to shoot a 160 class mule deer  at 704 yards. shot of my life.

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If you're satisfied with the

If you're satisfied with the performance of you 7mm, the I'd suggest to .243 or 6mm.  If you want an all round rifled for Elk down to prarie dogs, 25 - 06.

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I'd go with the .243 or 6mm

I'd go with the .243 or 6mm Remington if varmints are a serious part of the equation. The 260 also seems like a fantastic round from everything I've seen and it has a handy range of bullet weights (could be used as a back up elk rifle). 

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Deer rifle

I have used many times a 270 Winchester for deer.  I killed a real nice 5x6 mule deer in New Mexico with the 270 and I believe I used 150 gr bullet.

But the rifle with a 125 grain bullet would be excellant for smaller game.

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I have calibers to take

I have calibers to take everything from Mice to Moose to Elephants and have come to where I take one caliber out for ALMOST everything I hunt here in Wyoming. It is the same caliber that was Roy Weatherby's favorite all around caliber. That's the 257 Weatherby Magnum. I have killed Prarie Dogs, Coyotes, Antelope, Mule Deer, and Elk with mine. It IS a bit of overkill on the smaller species but mine is just so darn accurate and it has such impressive ballistics I end up pulling it out of the safe for more hunts than any other rifle I own.  Ammo ain't cheap but if you reload you can do some amazing things with it.

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I always love these types of

I always love these types of questions on forums. It really gets everybody going especially if you are talking about the minimum caliber for elk. No, no, no... don't get your fighting typing fingers ready. That was not me starting that debate here.

.458 Lott would be my choice for that species assemblage.

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