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best cal. for an encore pistol

As mentioned bullet construction and placement are key. The .260, 7-08, and .308 would work well, with bullets having a SD of .250-.280, give or take a couple points. I prefer the bullet to exit. Nosler Partitions or Barnes TSX would be my choice. One thing about recoil. I was shooting a 30-40 AI with 165's near max. and the factory rubber grip. The grip, even though it had some give was too narrow in the palm and web. Went and bought a Boyds. It was alil too large for my hand. Took the dremel to it made more of a custom fit. Made all the difference in accuracy, and if felt recoil. Brakes are nice in some situations, and almost mandatory in some loads. But I prefer to hunt without, if at all possible.


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best cal. for an encore pistol

308. Why would you get it in a pistol cartridge when you can have a 243, 22-250, or a 308 ? Thats the only reason I would buy a Thompson. If you want a 460 s&w or 500 s&w buy a wheel gun. I own a Savage striker in 22-250 it works nice for Deer!

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best cal. for an encore pistol


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best cal. for an encore pistol

For hogs and deer, any 41 Mag, 44 Mag, 308, 7mm08 will work just fine.

My advice is, if you are going to handgun hunt, practice a lot. I see way to many guys try to shoot further than they are capable, not how far the gun is capable.

I have been handgun hunting 27 years now, and I know what distance I am proficient at, and which handguns I choose for different distances.

And did I mention a lot of practice. Thumbs up

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best cal. for an encore pistol

i have a 44mag barrel for my encore and love it.

just a note for those suggesting rifle calibers....some states, like IL, now only allow bottle necked cartridges .30cal or greater with a case length not-to-exceed 1.4"

...so that might rule out some of the aforementioned options.

straight walled cartridges in IL are no restricted for length.....44mag, 41 mag, .454cassull, 460S&W...hell...go 45/70 !

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