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Best bullet for elk and mulies

Is there one particular bullet to use for both Elk and Mule deer?  I am looking into ammo for a 300wsm.


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Choose for Elk

For your 300wsm, I'd pick a mid weight bullet designed for penetration with elk being considered first.  Any bullet that will kill an elk will kill any mule deer at any sensible range.  I would look at 180 gr Barnes TXS, Nosler Partition or one of the core bounded bullets; which ever was the most accurate.  I'd bet my favorite A-Bolt that the only time a TXS or Partition ever failed was when the shooter missed the target.  

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I agree with Hal.  Find a

I agree with Hal.  Find a good 180 gr. bullet that shoots well in your rifle, and stick with it.  If it drops an Elk, it'll surely drop a Mule Deer.  One note, stay away from Nosler Ballistic Tips!

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+1 on this comment!!!  

the best performing bullet i've tried is a hornady interlok. they are cheap and perform super good on all kinds of game.

i used a 150 gr on mule deer, whitetail, hogs, antelope and everything under the sun. until i switched to a 150gr barnes tripple shock.

ballistic tips and v-max and g-max bullets DO NOT penetrate efficiently because often, they expand very rapidly and fragment in the body. i have witness this MANY, MANY times. however, these bullets will drop a smaller animal right now! because the fragments do so much damage.

bullets that have great reputations are the swift a-frames, the barnes tsx and trplshock (hollow point) berger vld's,  and the nosler partitions.

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I don't own a 300 but in my

I don't own a 300 but in my 7mag the barnes tsx has been deadly accurate and has performed extremely well. I have killed animals from coyotes to elk with full expansion on every one and nearly all pass through shots as well. They are not cheap but they will never let you down.

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i don't own a 300wsm, but i

i don't own a 300wsm, but i own a 300 H&H and it likes 180gr accubond and it also likes 180gr oryx bullet by norma.  BONE crushing!!!  out to 500 yards. 

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