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Best Book for a Newbie

I am just getting into reloading. My dad has dabbled in it for a few years but never really perfected the art. He is moving all of his equipment to my place because I have mroe space and a room to do it in. I have been reading up on the posts in this forum and see a lot of suggestions about buying a reloading manual to be a guide. My questions is, what is the best book that I can not only use to get load data, etc. from, but one that can give me a better foundation of some of the basic principles, terminology, etc. that I can build upon as a beginner?

I am looking forward to getting started and continuing to learn from the folks on this forum.

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Best Book for a Newbie

MetallicCartridge Reloading Manuel, although it will give you data for various cartridges, is more of a step by step guide,definitions, formulas etc, most common problems etc. You really want a "How to" type of manuel at this juncture, not a Load Data manuel which assumes you already know proper procedure.

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Best Book for a Newbie

Handloader's Digest is a good, introductory book that covers pretty much everything.


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Best Book for a Newbie

Congrats on getting into reloading. The truth is that there is not just one book, but acquaint yourself with everything that you can about reloading. Get a good set of manuals. Speer, Nosler, Hornady all offer great info as well as numerous loads for virtually all cailbers. One word of caution: This activity is addicting. I started reloading in high school and 19 years later I'm still obsessed about it. You've been warned Thumbs up

Oh one more thing, you may end up buying more pieces of equipment at some point when you do, just get the good stuff. Stay away from anything with the Lee name on it, just a personal opinion. Otherwise RCBS, Hornady, Redding, Dillon, and most Lyman stuff is great equipment.

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Best Book for a Newbie

The Lyman reloading manual has some good info. Hodgdon has a magazine size manual that they have published that has quite a bit of great info for around $10.
All manuals have the desciptions, steps and safety info.
The manuals from the bullet manufacturers will have the loads for their bullets from a variety of powders.
The powder manufacturers will have the loads for their powders with a bullet they used.
If you find a bullet that you like. It's best to have a copy of that manufacturers manual.
If you find a powder you like. It's best to have a copy of that manufacturers manual.

What rounds will you be loading and for what purpose, are some questions you need to ask yourself.

Learn to cross reference the info.
Do not substitute any components until you get an understanding of the components.
Always start at the minimum load and work up. Learn the signs to look for from excessive and/or maximum pressure in a load.
The most accurate load is usually below maximum load. Usually!!! Some loads in some rifle can exceed the published maximum. Don't go by what someone else tells you. Accept the advice and do your own testing.
Good luck.

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Best Book for a Newbie


I would also recommend you find someone in your area to sit down with and learn by actually watching. I have learned alot on message boards, but when I first started loading I found it invaluable to watch my buddy reload, I asked questions and he explained what he was doing.

Good luck-


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Sierra Reloading Manual

Sierra Reloading Manual

Very good reloading manual!

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Best Book for a Newbie

I don't believe you'll find any such thing as best, they'll all stick pretty much to the basic's of reloading. There may be some not so good tho. I have and would not recommend the Lee manual. It is intresting but seem's more to me a vanity publication written by the owner of a company that manufacture's neither bullet's or powder. The other, and I have not read it, is Barnes. I say that because I've heard complaints on their data. I would guess their introduction the reloading is good but it seem's they've made some mistake's in the printing that could cause an inexperienced reloader some problem's. Speer, Hornady, Sierra and Nosler would be my choice. I've heard mention of some other's that probally also are good. But the question is, which to avoid. This is almost like chosing a rifle or a bullet. They each have their detractor's and champion's.

Once you start and until you have a better grasp of what your doing, stick to one source. ie: Hornady, Speer and Sierra bullet's are the most inexpesive to shoot. If you chose one of them, stick with their manual and follow their manual exactly until you gain some experience.

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Best Book for a Newbie

Modern Reloading by Richard Lee or the Sierra big ass binder we call it has everything you want to know in it.

congrats on haveing a room to do it i had to build a seperate building on my place.

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