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Best bear hunting sidearm

Not that it would be a significant factor in a survival situation, but there's also the legal aspect to consider. In Montana, at least, shooting a griz is about on the same level as shooting a man. If by some miracle he hesitated and you killed him before he got hold of you, you'd have to explain to DFW why the endangered species has a hole in its noggin and you don't have a scratch. Of course, as has been pointed out, playing "rag doll" with Smokey makes it tough to draw a weapon. So it's a lose-lose situation: deal with the bear or deal with the bear's lawyers.

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Best bear hunting sidearm

I have always hunted with a 38 on my side. when i took up Bear hunting
I bought a 357 mag and after a few trips off the baitsight in the dark, I realize
I should have bought a 44 mag for peace of mind....i may trade the 357 for a 44 mag this year. I carry the rifle sling over the head and carry a couple of buckets into the baitsite. if I'm ever "surprized" by a bear in the dark then the plan is to drop the bucket and grab the pistol....taking the rifle over the head
just ain't fast enough for my liking. There is a storey going on around these parts that a guy going into his bait last falll saw a bear coming at him wide open. He dropped his buckets and drew his 44 mag and emptied it at the bear that dropped 12 feet from him.

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Best bear hunting sidearm

i carry a 45colt and have never had problems with it's performance.

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bear hunting sidearm

Think what barrel length are you 44 mag guys using? im fixing to get one and i think a 4" would be easier to carry, quicker to get out if needed fast , a good hiking/fishing carry,all around camp gun, serve well for personal defense if necessary, but the six will be steadier and will have a little less recoil. whats your preference and why?

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