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Best Bear Bait

I started bear hunting over bait last year and now I'm hooked! I used a lot of grease from the local drive-in and old stale bread and pastries. We saw lots of bears and ended up harvesting two over the bait.....not too bad for the first year without any experience. I'm wondering if anybody has any other great and affordable ideas for bear bait... Thanks in advance for replies.

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Best Bear Bait

I have never actually hunted bear but some of my family members have trapped and lured in the past with anything dead, i.e. sheep, road kill, livestock, which is rotting and full of grubs.

You had the right idea using stale pastries and grease!!

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Best Bear Bait

Go to bear hunting magazine's website and you can order a book by Dr. Ken Nordburg called Black Bear baiting and hunting. Awsome book. I was baiting for a couple weeks and had bears hitting my bait already, then I read his book and did some of what he said to do. The next time I went to check my bait it looked different. Thats because (I later found out) 3 more bears joined the bait! read the book. You'll be glad you did!

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Best Bear Bait

Couple threads over in the black bear area that might be of use to you, Mattravj.

Bear Bait advice please!!!
Finding bulk bear bait

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