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Best antelope doe hunting DIY wyoming

Help! Coming from New mexico looking for meat hunt only ? Along colorado boarder . With lots of does walkin or public land Thanks for the help.

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You missed the 3/15

You missed the 3/15 application deadline for the draw, so now you'll have to wait until leftover tags go on sale in July. In the meantime, go on the G&F website and see what units are near the southern border and if they have enough public land or places that are in either the HMA or WIHA programs. Then if you have any questions after you've done your own homework, ask away for any help you might still need.

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Yep, you missed the draw

Yep, you missed the draw deadline.  But, it's a good time to start educating yourself about Wyoming through their website for next year's draw.  

Like TopGun points out, there will be leftovers for this year.  Hopefully you can find a unit that fits your criteria and make a go of it for this year too.  Good luck!

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