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Best .44 mag round for deer?

I just got a Thompson Contender G2 14" barrel in .44 mag. I plan to use it for hunting whitetail but I don't know what ammo to use. Should I go for a light bullet with velocity or a big heavy one? JHP or SJHP or...? I want it to hit hard and with the very large framed gun I have I am not worried about recoil. I don't think I'll be shooting any farther than 40-50 yds, hopefully closer and I want a pass through shot with a big exit hole. Any suggestions? Thanks.


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The deer and elk that I have

The deer and elk that I have shot with my 44 mag all fell to 240 gr Speer jacketed soft points.  On the deer it usually punches a hole clear through them while doing massive destruction as it goes through and that was on shots up to 80 yards.  Now the elk I have only had one pass completely through and that was on a 20 yard broadside shot on a cow, but the others didn't go very far with that slug in them. 

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